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Afro Music On Nyasa

156Views | 17Downloads
"Chiksay Mw-Malemu (prod By Pago)
135Views | 0Downloads
"Dope G-Chipsera (prod By Trumpet)
137Views | 18Downloads
"Jaymond-Machine (prod By Bill Kim)
142Views | 24Downloads
"KENLO-Akaka (prod By Kenlo)
77Views | 0Downloads
"DNA-Odala (prod By Tactic & Dre)
80Views | 0Downloads
"DNA-Selina (prod By Tactic & Dre)
71Views | 1Downloads
253Views | 112Downloads
"J Romantic-Masasu (prod By Method X)
50Views | 4Downloads
"-Crazy For You (prod By YL-Cee)
66Views | 5Downloads
"Trust-My Malawi (prod By Trust)
41Views | 3Downloads
"Trust-Mwali (prod By Man Kho)
97Views | 5Downloads
"Hax T-Wedding Day(prod By Ostrip)
94Views | 7Downloads
"Tay Chizo-Mupilire
47Views | 4Downloads
"Saukira-Merry Christmas
105Views | 15Downloads
"Trust-Jehovah Amakukonda
263Views | 62Downloads
"Climax-Namwali (Kwangwaru Cover)
78Views | 24Downloads
115Views | 21Downloads
"Mega B-Beib Ndibereke Ft Mr Divine
57Views | 0Downloads
"I Geezy-Osafooka Ft Nexacee
575Views | 142Downloads
"Santy-I Have Been Waiting For You
381Views | 91Downloads
"Vube-Polani Moto
449Views | 82Downloads
"Spy-T-Sekere X Thapsy
57Views | 3Downloads
"Reeboh Wa Triple Cee-Ndatopa
44Views | 2Downloads
51Views | 8Downloads
41Views | 7Downloads
"Mr K-2-Chikondi
95Views | 35Downloads
"The Young Makers-Ukantereku
80Views | 4Downloads
"Mega B-Ndiwe Wanga X Burxy
48Views | 9Downloads
"I Geezy-Tikhale (mama)
60Views | 7Downloads
"I Geezy-Iweyo Ft Tyrant Moore
303Views | 68Downloads
"Dan Lu-Winanso Ayi Ft APM
125Views | 27Downloads
"Levitiko-Mbuye Mwangoyenera Ft DNA
65Views | 9Downloads
"Levitiko-Mayi Busa Ft Sispence
57Views | 9Downloads
"Levitiko-Safuna Kusakaniza
148Views | 43Downloads
"I Geezy-Golide Ft Slycked
68Views | 0Downloads
"The Young Makers-Kanga Ndi AKa
92Views | 18Downloads
"Ice Kid-Akazanga
58Views | 7Downloads
"Joseph Chiwayula-Ali Ndi Ine
69Views | 32Downloads
55Views | 10Downloads
"Drizzle Akazonic-Love Madness
72Views | 10Downloads
"Drizzle Akazonic-Usapite X Stezoh
39Views | 2Downloads
"Doncriss-Ndiuzeni Zenizeni
108Views | 4Downloads
42Views | 2Downloads
"Burxy-Tough Time
95Views | 13Downloads
"Snics-Life Is Too Short X Ryshyn
69Views | 3Downloads
"Nyasa Music-Ukhale X Job C
80Views | 0Downloads
"Nyasa Music-Ndiuzeni X Gal Santy
111Views | 32Downloads
"The Tripple Cee- Potion Of Love
54Views | 2Downloads
"The Tripple Cee-Promise

Afro Top 10 chart

Promise Me (prod By Dj Ok)

The Sharpies

384 | 541

MOney Over Love X DNA X Young D

Spark Liko

345 | 7414

I Have Been Waiting For You


142 | 575

Masasu (prod By Method X)

J Romantic

112 | 253

Polani Moto


91 | 381

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