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poetry Music On Nyasa

400Views | 134Downloads
"Peppa-Wasted Life (prod By Ovachi)
2058Views | 1717Downloads
"Victor Chinkango-Chakwera (poetry Corner)
97Views | 21Downloads
"Padiwa Kasho-Tazumbwa
82Views | 5Downloads
"Mike Muona Sululu-Kwathu
41Views | 4Downloads
"Yona Mlakatuli-Kachisilamu Part 2
46Views | 2Downloads
"Yona Mlakatuli-Kale Pa Kaya

poetry Top 10 chart

Chakwera (poetry Corner)

Victor Chinkango

1717 | 2058


Padiwa Kasho

21 | 97

Dont Give Up (poetry Corner)

Yusuf Abubaker

13 | 339

Ndilibe Nazo Ntchito

Mike Muona Sululu

10 | 110


Mike Muona Sululu

5 | 82

Kachisilamu Part 2

Yona Mlakatuli

4 | 41

Kale Pa Kaya

Yona Mlakatuli

2 | 46

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